Business Vision, Inc.


Business Vision Inc. has been in business since 1994 helping the Medical, Distribution, Services, and Manufacturing industries in software application systems.  We help our clients by optimizing best business practices with software tools based on the industry they are in.

Data Sources Compiled

Data processing sytems transform raw data into meaningful information such as time clocks, billing,  customer data, warehouse management, merchant services, accounting, reporting

Integrated into Software

Business Vision Inc. brings together your business  data  and various information sources using software applications (both custom and out of the box software) to meet business needs and specific industry standards.

Secured in the Cloud

Companies  can utilize cloud-based computing as a way to increase capacity, enhance functionality or add additional services on demand without having to commit to high infrastructure or additional staffing cost.

Medical Billing

Get paid faster with less time for office staff and doctors.

*  Chirotouch

*  Caretraker




Time Clock and Payroll Systems

Help reduce payroll and employee errors through automation.

Kronos / Pyramid Time Clocks

Heartland Payroll 

Cross Application Reporting

In Depth custom reporting incorporating organiations software.

* Crystal Reports

* Excel Spreadsheets

A Team of Experts Lead by Janet Johnson

With 24 years of experience in selling, implementing, integrating, and supporting business software applications.  Janet has multiple certifications, CPA, HIPPA, SQL, APICS.  Before she became a consultant she held positions in the Medical, Accounting, Distribution,  and Manufacturing industries as Controller and CFO.  This is how Janet got her expeience in knowing what is important for companies in the process of picking, implementing and supporting software applications.

Janet Johnson

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What Our Customers Say

Seattle Aquarium

The Software/Reporting Project has more than recouped any costs attributed to it in less than a year and continues to save money and provide a great visitor experience.